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Sweet drops apple
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Sweet drops apple

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Purified water, Sweetener: Steviol Glycosides from Stevia (RA98%), vegetarian glycerine, fruit acids, natural flavouring.




50 ml

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Steviala drops apple

Steviala drops apple are very versatile in use. You can easily make a tasty and sugarfree apple lemonade. Add three drops of sweetener from Stevia to a glass of (carbonated) water and enjoy! In addition, these sugarfree Steviala drops are delicious in a smoothie or milkshake.

The liquid sweetener from Stevia with apple flavour from Steviala contain Steviol glycosides, water, natural aroma, vitamin C and glycerine. You can enjoy the delicious taste of apple without any worries, without the use of sugars, carbohydrates and calories. They fit perfectly in a sugarfree or low-sugar lifestyle.

The drops have the same sweetening power as sugar. 1 drop is equivalent to 1 gram of sugar. This makes the bottle economical to use and you will enjoy the Steviala drops apple for a long time.

Liquid sweetener from Stevia drops

The liquid sweetener drops from Stevia are suitable for any time of the day. For example, add them to custard, yoghurt or porridge during breakfast. Delicious with pieces of fresh apple. Or make a warm dish just that little bit tastier. Do you prefer a different taste? Then take a look at one of the many other flavours in the Steviala range. In addition to apple, there are also drops with other fruit flavours available, such as banana, cherry, strawberry, orange and liquid sweetener drops from Stevia with raspberry flavour. Or do you go for the Steviala drops apple?

Keep the bottle in a cool place after opening. Do you like sweet with the taste of apple, but do you also want to live a healthy life? Order these Steviala drops apple today!

Sweet drops apple can you use in these sugar free recipes

What our customers say

  • Annemarije Vroegindeweij

    Written by Annemarije on 28-06-2021
    In love!! Heerlijk en lekker makkelijk te gebruiken! Geen nate nasmaak!
  • Alsof je de meest perfecte appel eet!

    Written by Joyce van meeuwen on 24-06-2021
    Wow! Friszoet en sappig; deze ervaring krijg ik bij de appel druppels! Enorm fris van smaak! Door water al zalig, maar ook appelijs is brijant goed hiermee te maken én, uiteraard, ultiem toepasbaar voor alle soorten appelgebak en appelmoes! Wow, k ben fan!
  • #geendagzondersteviala

    Written by Faat on 24-12-2020
    Absoluut niet bitter deze zoete appeldruppels ? lekker in je yoghurt of een keto Mugcake bijvoorbeeld
  • Lekkere smaak

    Written by Moniek on 17-12-2020
    Heerlijke zoete smaak met een beetje fris van de appel, lekker om door de baksels heen te doen en me water