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Sweet drops forest fruit
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Sweet drops forest fruit

0,00 kJ / 0 kcal / 100 ml
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Purified water, Sweetener: Steviol Glycosides from Stevia (RA98%), vegetarian glycerine, fruit acids, natural flavouring.




50 ml

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Liquid sweetener drops from Stevia with forest fruits flavour

Forest fruits are tasty and healthy! And what is also tasty are these Steviala drops with forest fruit flavour. This delicious sugar substitute has a fresh and sweet taste that is particularly delicious in dairy products such as quark and yoghurt. Delicious in muesli or in combination with real forest fruits.

Tip: add the sweetener drops from Stevia with forest fruit flavour to a glass of water for a sugarfree lemonade, tea or iced tea. The drops are also very suitable for heating, giving a cake, muffins or other dishes a delicious sweet forest fruit taste.

A drop of Steviala forest fruits is approximately equal to one gram of sugar. So you only need a little bit of it. In addition to steviol glycosides, these healthy drops consist of water, natural aroma, vitamin C and glycerine.

Do you not like drinking water or would you like something different? Then simply make a delicious sugarfree lemonade with these Steviala drops in the taste of forest fruits. Healthy and delicious for the whole family!

Liquid sweetener drops from Stevia

Despite the sweetening power, you will not find a gram of sugar in this liquid sweetener from Stevia and ofcourse they also contain no calories. The drops do not affect the blood sugar level. This makes it a perfect sugar substitute for people who are on a diet or watch their sugar intake.

You can easily order the Steviala drops forest fruits online. They come in a handy 30 ml dropper bottle. This allows you to dose the sugar substitute entirely according to your own wishes. This bottle is also easily resealable, so you can keep it for a long time. Do that in the fridge!

In addition to forest fruits, these Steviala drops are also available in various other fruit flavours such as raspberry, apple, strawberry, mango, banana, cherry and liquid drops pineapple. Which flavour is your favourite?

What our customers say

  • Héél goed produkt.

    Written by Marianne Cardon on 5-05-2023
    Ik gebruik dit in mijn thee. Het is heerlijk en moet er niet veel van gebruiken. Een paar druppeltjes in mijn hibiscusthee is voldoende.
  • Niet lekker

    Written by Rike van Hattem on 23-09-2022
    Alleen als ik 1 druppel gebruik proef ik een hint van bosvruchten, maar als ik maar iets meer gebruik wordt de smaak bitter en kunstmatig, helemaal geen bosvruchten meer.
  • te lekker

    Written by Carla Del Sasso on 18-08-2022
    deze bosvruchten drop zijn echt waanzinnig lekker,ik heb ze weer gebruikt in mijn bosbessen muffins en echt jammer als ze eruit gaan
  • Sylvia Van der Velden

    Written by Sylvia Van der velden on 28-09-2020
    Dit is smullen. En heel divers in gebruik. Goede smaak, geen bittere nasmaak en heerlijk zacht van smaak. Topper
  • Oprecht bosvruchten

    Written by Annemarije Vroegindeweij on 25-09-2020
    Smaak is heel sterk, geen buikpijn dus heel fijn!
  • Geweldig

    Written by Mariska bakker on 23-09-2020
    Super fijn
    Deze is erg fijn .
    Geen chemische nasmaak en echt lekker door je water