Stevia syrup

Are you also a fan of syrup but are you down that this product does not really fit into a healthy diet? Well, we are changing that! We present our new stevia syrup: a sugar free syrup with stevia sweetener that is not only sugar free, but also low carb and gluten free. They are tasty and a responsible choice if you want to enjoy sweet syrups. For both young and old people!

Low calorie stevia syrup substitute

These stevia syrup substitutes fit perfectly in a healthy lifestyle. Our low carb and low calorie syrups contain no added sugars and are sweetened with natural steviolglycosides instead. This makes the stevia syrup substitutes ideal for people who want to lose some weight or want to maintain their weight. The syrups are also very suitable for children. Unlike traditional sugar syrup, these sugar substitutes do not cause any tooth decay. Good to know right?

Syrup for diabetics

The stevia syrups are also suitable for diabetics. Thanks to the addition of stevia, the syrups have no influence on your blood sugar levels. From now on, you can enjoy syrup if you eat a diet that is low in sugar or want to watch your weight.

Delicious on pancakes

We can think of plenty of different ways to use these delicious syrup substitutes. Children love it on their pancakes, but you can also use it to sweeten your fruit, waffles, yoghurt, smoothies and even ice cream. And our favourite? A little bit of syrup through oatmeal in the morning is surprisingly tasty!

Gluten free stevia-based syrup

An additional advantage is that some of our stevia syrups are also gluten free. From now on, people with gluten intolerance can also enjoy syrup on their pancakes or waffles.

Tip: We have syrup substitutes in many different flavours. Strawberry, maple... or do you choose our Steviala Sweet Bee sugar free honey substitute?