Sugar free sauces by Steviala

Steviala proudly presents a new range of products, that is sugar free syrup without sweeteners but still sweet! These are the next level sugar free sauces on the market. Actually, thery are not really sugarfree since they do contain a few amount of natural sugars. But these are naturally occuring sugars. After tasting the new sugar free topping, you'll never want anything else! The new sauces are slightly thicker in structure than the Steviala stevia syrup substitutes. The taste, however, is completely unique!

Tasty in all kinds of dishes

The we wanne be sugar free sauces are delicious in any sweet dish. There are many different ways you can use this syrup. For example, you can use it as a topping for low carb American pancakes! That will complete your stack of pancakes. But you can do a lot more with it! Use it as a sauce and topping on waffles, cupcakes, pies, cakes, baked oats and much more! Make a party out of the boring bowl of yogurt or quark. You can even turn an ordinary smoothie into a real treat. You can even bake with our sugar free sauces! Everything is possible!


The sugar free syrup substitutes and sauces by Steviala contain fructo-oligosaccharides. This is a fibre that you can find in bananas, onions, asparagus or leeks. Our gut bacteria are very happy with prebiotics. Prebiotics follows our digestive system untouched until they meet our gut bacteria. They, on their side, make good use of this: the prebiotics are a source of nutrition for the good bacteria in our gut. In this way, they stimulate the activity of these bacteria. So there will be more of these good bacteria and they can do a better job.

Naturally occuring sugars but not totally sugar free

The new sugar free sauces contain no sweeteners and are therefore sweet of natural origin. This keeps your blood sugar levels stable and you will not experience a sugar dip after consuming it. This makes the sugar free sauces very suitable for diabetics. These sauces contain no extra added normal sugar so there will be no tooth decay. This allows even children to enjoy in a sugar free way. Finally, the sauces contain very few carbohydrates. This makes sauces a responsible addition to a healthy lifestyle. Almost sugar free, gluten free, low carb, ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan and lactose free. In short, almost anyone can use this sugar free syrup.

The first syrup, our Heavenly Dark, does contain a very small amount of barley malt extract. We can actually say that this sugar free syrup is also gluten free because it contains less than 20 mg/kg gluten, in accordance with regulation 828/2014. However, we prefer not to claim them gluten free, despite the minimal amount of gluten it contains. For example, the Heavenly Dark contains less than 1% barley malt extract.

The sugar free sauces and syrup are available in a handy and resealable squeeze bottle of 420 grams. You should store the sugar free syrup in a dry place to enjoy it the longest.