Powdered sugar without carbs

The advantage of stevia powdered sugar is that, unlike traditional powdered sugar, this sweetener does not contain any carbohydrates or calories. Therefore, this sugar substitute fits perfectly into a low carb diet and is also suitable for people who want to lose weight. In addition, it is also suitable for diabetics and even for children. This sugar substitute has no influence on your blood sugar level. As a result, you will not suffer from the well-known sugar dip after eating and you will have stable energy levels.

Just as sweet as regular powdered sugar

Our stevia powdered sugar, which we call Steviala Frost, is a sugar free table-top sweetener. It is made from steviol glycosides and erythritol. It has the same structure as regular powdered sugar and has the same sweetening power. However, it does not contain any sugars or calories. Besides this, it is just delicious and healthier than sugar for you. You can use Steviala Frost in many recipes in which you would normally use regular powdered sugar. This product can also be used for making a nice glaze layer on cookies, cakes and pastries.

Delicious as topping on pastries or fruit

This stevia powdered sugar is delicious as a finishing touch on cakes, pastries and cakes. Children love it as a topping on "poffertjes" or pancakes. On top of that, you can use it for desserts or as a topping on fruit. But what do you think of Steviala Frost as a topping on "oliebollen" or apple fritters on New Year's Eve? These pastries will taste even better with some sprinkled stevia powdered sugar. Not only does a layer of stevia-based powdered sugar look beautiful, but it also tastes great and fits into a healthy lifestyle.

Stevia powdered sugar is available in our webshop in a handy closable bag of 400 grams or flavored in 250 grams.